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Running the NYC TCS Marathon

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On November 7, 2021, the 50th running of the NYC marathon was a sight to behold! New York was back, full of joy, laughter, dancing in the streets, hugs, and high-fives at every corner in every borough.

So many emotions came over me when I ran the NYC Marathon in 2019, especially as I passed Memorial Sloan Kettering, remembering the countless hours we spent for Tomas' brain surgeries, chemo, drug trials. I remember pacing the halls wondering if I would lose him this time, what life would be like when my brother finally left this world.


My brother was with me every step in 2021 and this marathon was a testament to both of our survival. His spirit lives on in me every time I go for a run and as I ran by MSKCC waving at all the patients cheering us on at their hospital windows, I felt his presence strongly. It was a beautiful sight and made me run a little faster knowing I was running for them too.


You helped me raise over $10,000 for cancer research at MSKCC. THANK YOU! Every dollar you donated gives doctors and researchers the resources they need to make life-changing discoveries that bring real hope to people with cancer and their families. As global leaders in cancer care, MSKCC treats patients with over 400 subtypes of cancer each year, and the breakthroughs made in MSK labs set new standards for cancer treatment around the world.


Again, THANK YOU for your generosity and to NYC for being your bad ass self! 

xoxo  Michelle

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