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Running the 2024 BMW BERLIN MARATHON

Donate to Michelle's Berlin Run!

Team Tomas is back in action! I’m taking on the 50th Anniversary of the BMW Berlin Marathon on September 29, 2024, running once again with Fred’s Team, the official running program of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).


Many of you know that my older and only brother, Tomas, lived with brain cancer for close to 20 years, and received amazing care at Sloan Kettering for over a decade. As a tribute to Tomas and so many who have suffered, my goal is to raise as much as I can to support groundbreaking brain cancer research at MSK, and your donation will give me a boost every step as I train for my race. Let's kick cancer's ass together! 

Named in honor of New York City Marathon co-founder and MSK patient Fred Lebow, Fred's team brings together passionate runners and supporters to make strides against cancer. 100% of funds raised go directly into MSK labs, where doctors and scientists have expertise in more than 400 types of cancer and work every day to find new cures.

Together, we can make a big difference and honor those who can run no longer. Join Team Tomas by donating today! 

Cheers, Michelle 

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